O2O tourism platform services for foreign tourists

It is possible to enjoy benefits in excess of those given to domestic citizens through a diverse range of additional services including reduction in the cost of shopping and convenience in refund procedures by means of VAT refund (immediate discount at the site), through the first mobile passport certification and payment system for foreigners in the world.

Characteristics of LORDPAY


What is LORDPAY?

It is the first convenient means of making payments in the world through mobile passport certification system for foreigners. As such, it is an off-line prepaid card FinTech solution along with multi-channel O2O (ON-LINE TO OFF-LINE) tourism platform-based MOBILE APP settlement of account for provision of convenience in making payment and diversified tourism services for foreign tourists.

First simple QR payment

and immediate VAT refund

by using mobile passport

in the world.

Bringing in actual passport into mobile domain~

No more worries for losses, certification of identity and security for peace of mind,

as well as immediate discount at the site through immediate refunding of VAT at the time of payment~

Start of convenience and enjoyment of travel~

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Where are the outlets for the use located?

Just present it without worries ~~

Can be used for payment at any outlets that accept credit cards including restaurants,

shopping malls, amusement parks and tourist spots throughout the country

Exclusive mobile card member outlet

Member outlet at which foreign tourists can make payment by scanning QR installed at the outlet by using the application (PASSPORTMOBILE)

Frugality in shopping!

Accumulation of points equivalent to 10% of the purchased amount if bought at the member outlets.

Use points just like cash in on-line shopping mall!

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TEL : 1833-9262 / FAX : 02-6969-5266

E-mail of personnel in charge : lordsystem@lordsystem.co.kr